thats me
from Zurich
finding unique perspectives
is my passion

Nico Schaerer, Nico Schärer, Photographer, Fotograf, Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland, Schweiz

Nico Schaerer is a Zurich based professional photographer.

Well recognised for his unique, independent and highly creative approach to this medium, Nico developed his style from a life less ordinary, for many years traveling the globe as a freelance photographer and photographic artist. His works provide a window from which to view the subject from an entirely fresh perspective. They reflect his innate sensitivity in capturing even the „every day“, whether it be within an urban setting or interacting with his native Swiss landscape, and distilling these into statements of essential elements.

Nico‘s unique abilities and inspiration have been the key to driving his success. Committed to meeting all his clients‘ business objectives, he aims to provide, not only dynamic and creative resources, breathing life into each project with energy and passion, and delivering a highly professional and effective service.

Nico graduated from the renowned School for Art and Design in Breda, Netherlands in 2002 and since built an impressive portfolio of key Swiss and International clients, bearing testament to his skill and unique perspective.